04:51 am
22 October 2021

Autodesk Memento : Build 3D models with photos of free software

Autodesk Memento : Build 3D models with photos of free software

If you are looking for a photo into a 3d modeling software, try Autodesk memento.This software is at the start of this year, the company just released, available for Windows and OS X systems. Memento function is comprehensive, you can use a set of images generated 3d models, if you do not have hardware, with a 3d scan, Memento is a pretty good alternative.Change the background of the software, primarily through the analysis of the image to determine the location of the image of all of the points in 3d space, and thus build a 3d model.I believe that with the development of 3D printing technology,3D printing will apply to different areas.Recently,ABS 3d printer is popular with people for its quality.721

But that’s just part of the Memento to let you in the newly generated 3d models for analysis and editing. For example, you can use several of these useful tools section to remove extraneous, or you can directly edit the grid, outstanding or smoothing the specified range.You can also simplify the grid, or make it complicated for carving. In addition, Memento can also be used to repair 3d scan data.As we all know, the 3d scan data tends to have a lot of problems, not directly for 3d printing, such as one of the holes, and so on, which are Memento good at.718

According to the understanding of China’s 3d print network, Memento has a great feature, that is, when you resize the grid, and it can keep a color texture of a 3d model, this is all other non – professional – level 3d modeling tool for software not available, because the texture is mapped directly to every aspect of the model.There are some software tools, such as ZBrush, can do it, but you need to pay to access this feature.719

At present, the Memento is available for free download. But there’s a problem, it’s back – end directly integrated with Autodesk’s cloud computing platform for storage and processing.So you need to use the Autodesk user account to log in, if you want to fully use the Memento feature ( or other services ), such as using more cloud storage space, you may need to upgrade to a paid member of Autodesk.However, this cost is not expensive, and you’re working with 3d files provide a good platform.