06:01 pm
14 June 2021

Austrian company launched a portable 3D printing speakers

Austrian company launched a portable 3D printing speakers

3D printed headphones we’ve seen a lot, private plate set, limited edition version of Rose Jin Chao, and everything. However, for music lovers, and a high quality speaker is also essential.After all, when listening to some rock and metal music, loud tasty and quality of the speakers also have a direct impact on the music experience.Of course,you can also use cheap 3D pens to create your model.52

MOSTLIKELY from Austria and mo° sound to launch a new 3D print speaker, rock, more than a pocket-sized speakers approximate spherical surface.They said the speaker to the audience the experience will change their consistent view of the pocket-sized device. This design is based on three criteria :

Perfect stereo sound like processors, such as the developers say, the design of the spherical sound box is like a ” virtual sound space, a three – dimensional stage, each performer’s voice was derived from their respective locations.” This allows the user to get a visual feast, as well as live concert sound effects.

53Complex internal structure : the overall structure is more complex because the speaker, the shape and angle of each side is different, and because this design is what makes music in a variety of sounds not intermixed.
Point – Source : Unlike the other speaker has a number of sound sources, all sound spread from the base of the Rock, creating a better stereo effect.