05:29 am
18 January 2022

Austria football teams use 3D printing a family portrait

Austria football teams use 3D printing a family portrait

Recently, the Austrian 3d printing company layerlab. Net to create a national football team SK Sturm Graz 3d print of miniature portraits, covers all members of the team.The company on its official website said : ” We have found the world’s first 3d mobile body scanners, in order to promote it, we chose to create their own miniature portraits of the most popular team, dock directly with fans.Nowadays,Epson Eco Printer also have a good effect of printing photos.


layerlab. Net in order to publicize and promote its 3d printing service, and miniature portraiture, they wisely choose to print all the team members so that all fans will inevitably be concerned about or to purchase these miniature portraits, so as to achieve  to promote their own company.4002

When making miniature portrait of the team, the company for each of the 28 member 3d scanned twice, including the stand and squat. They were wearing when scanning black and white jersey, mainly, so scan and print one color, it is surely called the research and development of full color 3d scanner, the best advertisement.4001

Today, the 3D print mini team available, greatly inspired the morale of the members, while LayerLab. Net has been the best promotion and publicity, this is definitely a -win results.