09:00 pm
08 December 2021

Attention about: Original Canon QY6-0061 Printhead

Attention about: Original Canon QY6-0061 Printhead


This is a new, unopened, genuine Canon  QY6-0061 printhead manufactured in Japan.  Canon does not include ink cartridges with their new print heads.  You can install the ink cartridges from your old print head in the new printhead if they still have ink in them.

Wondering what causes print heads to go bad?  Usually it is not circuitry failure but simply dried nozzles.  The symptom of dried nozzles is white horizontal lines in the print for one or more colors.  Usually you can print a nozzle check from your printer software which shows a pattern of lines.  If a nozzle is dried, it will show a blank where there should be a line.

Dried nozzles can be caused by several things, including a poorly seated ink cartridge, or lack of use (letting the printer sit for a few weeks without using).

Sometimes print heads can be “resuscitated”.  Of course, first start by running several cleaning cycles using your printer’s software.  If that doesn’t work, try removing the printhead and carefully cleaning the bottom of it with water.  Some of our customers have reported they’ve been able to get their print head unclogged by soaking the nozzles in Windex.

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