11:42 pm
26 January 2021

Artists in music MV using 3D printing clothing and jewelry

Artists in music MV using 3D printing clothing and jewelry

In June 2014, the industrial designer Célia Elmasu and her old friend, cross-border artist Nelly Zagury through Skype has sealed a cooperation plan.638

1.5 years later, the two French – born, young girl growing up in Brooklyn, created the ” MV of the first 3D print. ” As for the jewelry brand Elmasu and Zagury, singer FKA twigs at the show, often worn by Holy Faya, it is a by-product of this process a pleasant surprise.I believe that with the development of 3d printing technology,it will bring us more surprise,the most typical representative is cheap 3d pen.637

The musical was inspired by the first musical in Broadway history the black Crook ( 1866 ).” There is full of what we want. ” Elmasu said. ” This is a love story, good and evil, the wizard and the princess, fighting and medicine.”639


To this end, the Holy Faya each jewelry series consists of one of the role of the musical accessories. Also, the jewelry is made of bioplastics mainly 3d print, and then gold – plated surface, in detail and inlaid brass, stone, and so on.” Célia proficient in the 3d printer, so she invented a new way to use it. ” Zagury said. They showed themselves — wizards installed by the representatives of the latest design, a Sevillano hat, decorated with a circle above his head into the Pearl lake water snake ; string of beads and Egyptian collar of bugs, and earrings, such as goggles and a scepter.Zagury and design from the python leather garments.