05:46 pm
18 January 2021

Artist 3D Nano-micro level printing elephant sculptures appealed to people to protect the African elephant

Artist 3D Nano-micro level printing elephant sculptures appealed to people to protect the African elephant

Recently, the artist Jonty Hurwitz has created a 3D printing of miniature elephants. The elephant was so “miniatures”, I’m afraid you squint to see clearly. In fact. This 3D prints elephants is manufacturing at the nanoscale, it’s length is only 0.1 mm or 100 μm. Jonty Hurwitz named this piece as a Fragile Giant (vulnerable giant), and hopes that this will make more people care is rapidly disappearing due to poaching of African elephants.People always say you want to protect the environment and the protection of animals, but in fact results did not talk so good. People are always endless hunt animals , destruction of the environment. Nano-level print this elephant remind people to stop killing animals. Every year, destruction of the environment the countless ads has been promoting the use of environmentally friendly materials, 3D Printers and Cheap 3D Pen are now using the PLA this environmentally friendly material.This both ways, this is the best way to advocate for the protection of the environment and protection of animals.1-1511131311402b

Hurwitz quoted National Geographic magazine said, in the past three years alone, about 100,000 elephants have been collecting ivory poachers killed. To that end, he is using 3D printing technology to create a smaller than a dust elephant sculptures, symbolizes this huge species are facing individual fate of gone with the wind, like the dust.
Last November, he uses a 3D print made of nano-scale statues, at that time, he assembled a team of more than 10 people, took several months to make the 7 known as sperm high sculptures. But it is regrettable that, due to an accidentally dropped, they could no longer find these works, which for the artist, is a very big loss. Later, he went to do another project that we   see–Fragile Giant. As far as 3D printing network in China know, Hurwitz used to make the 3D elephant and other works of the technique called Multiphoton lithography (Multi-Photon Lithography)–this is a quantum physics-related micro-3D printing. Hurwitz said on its website: “in General, if a photosensitive polymer by UV-irradiation, in its exposure of local polymer solidified into hard blocks. This phenomenon is common, many people have come across, such as dental fillings when for you is the use of ultraviolet-sensitive rubber so that it cured, achieve the effect of dental fillings.1-1511131312123G

However, if you use longer wavelength of light, focused through a microscope, illumination polymer, the magic happened: focus, polymer absorbs two photons only responded, which was solidified by UV light. But because of the polymer absorbs two photons, so only focus within a very small range of curing – basically produced only a tiny three dimensional pixel (referred to as voxels Voxel). And computer control moving the focus to create the next volume, so a few hours later,1-151113131222c6 a complete Nano-sculptures appeared. ”

Meanwhile, Hurwitz and the artist and a strong team of scientists but also for the Nano-elephant sculpture shot a video. It is done on a rotating platform of Piezo, its degree of running accuracy, or less than one out of 10,000. Admittedly, this is a hard work, according to the production team said, each frame requires several minutes.
“…… Creating these films involves a variety of techniques, from the custom electronics and software, leading to quantum physics and scientific tools, as well as modern special effects and so on. “Hurwitz said,” this is a most beautiful feat of science and art. ”