12:49 pm
01 August 2021

Art without boundaries

Art without boundaries

We brings unexpected of surprise, known 3D print technology of people will know, 3D print finisQQ截图20151028170651hed usually surface smooth degrees and bad, eye can saw print in the formed of a layer a layer of line, but this a shortcomings in pottery Shang is perfect of was cover has, these obviously of lines was designer clever application became has design of part, let pottery more unique has Visual impact sense.


Recently, the Netherlands EQQ截图20151028170747indhoven Design Academy in this year’s Netherlands design week exhibition activities, exhibits representative works of Olivier van herpt “practical pottery 3D printer” (functional 3D printed ceramics), and a series of 3D printed pottery, perfect combination of art and 3D printing.

Different materials can evolve different patterns,

Different materials can evolve different shapes, plastic (ABS,PLA) ceramics, and metals, as long as you want can be done.Delta Rostock DIY kitGeeetech_20150615035403_1

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