05:35 pm
21 February 2019

Apple get a patent for colorful 3d printer will enter the 3d printing market?

Apple get  a patent for colorful 3d printer will enter the 3d printing market?

United States Patent and Trademark Office ( uspto ) on thursday approved an apple patent application, the name is ” three – dimensional printing the color of the object method “, this patent describes a 3d printer that can print colorful structure device.Although the market already exists on this machine, but most of them are professional and industrial prototyping tool. Apple made by the system based on modern 3d printing technologies, through cascading layers of materials to create three – dimensional objects, usually plastic.Most of the solutions by heating and extrusion ABS or PLA fibers to the printer head, and allowing head movement in the X, Y, and z axes.401

Consumer – level 3d printers are now limited to monochrome printing, although you can replace printed material, but the process is complex, and the quality is not high.Now,a new3D printer quality is very good,named Nobel 1.0 3D printer.Besides,it has been recognized by most people . Apple doubles head were raised in the patent system, first used to print the structure, and the second is used to paint. In some cases, the color print head will synchronize with the material the print head.Color printing method that can be used including ink – jet printing technology, spray, spray gun and multi – color marker.404

It is not clear whether Apple will launch the 3d printer supports color printing, but patent family are mentioned in use, such as making toys, and so on.Do you expect apple to enter the 3d printing industry?