12:59 pm
01 August 2021

American OESH launches mimic human 3D print shoes soles of the feet

American OESH launches mimic human 3D print shoes soles of the feet

Many footwear manufacturing companies be able to print into their new design, including Nike, Adidas and so on. Recently, the United States brand OESH introduce a new 3D print  sport shoes.The unique design method, the shoes can significantly reduce pressure on the foot and pull, greatly enhance comfort.768

OESH – Casey Kerrigan, one of the founders of doctors is an expert on foot, she began to study the shoe shape influence on foot joint and body very early , and its relationship with diseases such as arthritis.Today, she will show its own research using 3d printing technology to the public.Today, the 3d printing technology has been applied to various trades and industries.Recently,a kind of printer is popular with people,named Flower Art Printer.770

Our feet like spring, if no shoes, a little hard to take full advantage of the energy of the body, which is a natural function of the human foot.However, the shoe is significantly limits the ability of shoes , soles will absorbed a part of the energy . ” Casey says, ” so what we need is like spring shoes, 3d printing can make this idea a reality.3d printed insole with the unique design of the bottom-up approach, bending and support for the change in the traditional footwear, to restore the natural function of the foot, so as to reduce the pressure on joints of the foot.771

OESH 3d print shoe sole using the company developed a Flubber material, light and elastic well, the energy of the foot can be fully rebound.Because of this the sole cannot be manufactured with a 3d printer directly, it is part of the 3d printing, part of the injection molding equipment to manufacture OESH design of the sports shoes due to : ” field of sports shoes, ladies shoes are usually designed according to the men’s sneakers, not targeted, and even would have a degree of injury to the wearer.Compared with the male feet, women’s feet narrower, wider front of the foot, our latest womens sneakers in full compliance with this feature. 769