03:19 am
21 June 2021

Adidas introduced  environmental protection concept of 3D printing shoes with recycled ocean garbage

Adidas introduced  environmental protection concept of 3D printing shoes with recycled ocean garbage

Recently,sports products giant Adidas and Parley for the Oceans cooperation, launched a new environmentally friendly concept of running shoes.The new shoes is a combination of two kinds of sophisticated technology: recycle recycled materials made of ocean of toxic waste, as well as 3D printing Futurecraft 3D shoes bottom, Futurecraft 3D is Adi launched for the first time in two months ago, 3D printing running shoes.98

3D printing in our daily life is not only interesting but also veru helpful.Take cheap 3D pens for example, when I’m not on work,I usually spend time with my friends to create some original things with it.That’s a wonderful experience. I always believe that one great things must be from one’s occasional inspiration,just like Adidas.60

Adidas named it Ocean Plastic, it is in the bottom of recycled polyester and recycling of waste plastics gill net out of the sea for 3D printing materials.This pair of shoes in the 21st session of the UN conference on climate change (COP21) on the show, and effectively demonstrates the future of textile and footwear can and must rethink its manufacturing process to stop the plastic pollution, and to help once and for all to stop climate change.

The concept of running shoes vamp is made of Marine plastic waste as raw materials, mainly based on Adi in July 2015 and Parley together create a running shoes.It is one of the most important difference between the Futurecraft 3D shoes bottom in the 3D printing, the bottom is made of recycled Marine waste.

Announced in October this year,Adidas Materialise with 3D printing company to jointly develop Futurecraft 3D high performance sports shoes.The grid insole is made with unique 3D printing materials and technology, it provides an unprecedented individualized support for athletes and buffer, a 3D printing insole breathable, soft, and with the user’s foot perfectly match, not only is the outer contour, and accurate to every pressure point of the foot.100

Adidas and Parley on December 8, 2015 at a news conference in Paris, specially introduces the 3D printing shoes, and then they together with the United Nations held a named “Parley for the Oceans COP21 x – -oceans. Climate. Life.” the large-scale activities.Parley for the Oceans is a call for action, to encourage people to creatively use of Marine debris, and raise public awareness of the increasingly serious environmental problems.