08:52 pm
08 December 2021

Senior 3D printer-ABS plastic Dreamer 3D printers

Senior 3D printer-ABS plastic Dreamer 3D printers

In 2014, Flash cast technology of Jinhua has released two 3D printers new products–

CreatorX and Dreamer, which is aimed at the consumer market and commercial-grade

products in the market. New products have more stylish appearance, print faster, more

stable, higher reliability and print quality than the previous generation.



Body made of plastic alloy material, shape and smooth rich sense of design

Fully enclosed body, reduce outside interference, to print more stable

Heating plate bracket made of high temperature resistant high strength plastic cast,

durable, accurate and secure

Adjust the precision equipment factory, no customer calibration, unboxing

Nozzle section by a spring loaded mechanism, the smoothness and accuracy increase!.

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Completely redesigned dashboard based on ARM platform, faster, more powerful

New independent development of lower computer software (firmware), print faster, more


Interface with touch screen, operation is simple and intuitive

Can implement WIFI link, USB link, SD card reader, mobile APP directly manipulated, let

you enjoy more!

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