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25 September 2021

A universal flat-panel printer:Digital Printing Equipment

A universal flat-panel printer:Digital Printing Equipment



Digital Printing Equipment is also called universal flat-panel printers or flat-panel printers, break through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, to realize the true sense of a piece of printing, without plate making, completely full color imaging, the replacement of the traditional printing machine.

The Basic Classification

According to different purposes, Digital printing machine divided into industrial digital printing machine and office with a digital printing machine (also known as digital printing machine).The representative of the office with a digital camera is Toshiba, konica, ricoh, Canon, xerox, oce, etc; As the typical representative of industrial digital printing machine is kodak digital printing machine, konica minolta, etc.

The main features

Digital printing machine broke through the digital printing technology bottleneck, realizing the true sense of a piece of printing, without plate making, full-color images at one time..Print a low cost and high quality printing effect which is more economic and convenient than traditional printing system. Little investment system, digital operation mode and limited space, make the system a larger market prospects.It is the best complement to the traditional printing, and replacement of the traditional printing machine.

Digital printing machine has very few investment, extremely low printing cost, optional print size, high printing quality, small footprint, less operators and very low running cost, more selective type of printing material thickness.

Digital printing machine, printing of any material, including leather, metal, acrylic, PC/PE/PP/PBT/PVC plastic material, crystal glass, organic glass, tiles and other materials, KT board, market space beyond imagination of stone, shell, plate, bamboo craft, mobile phone, glasses, lighter, keys, stationery, notebook computer, CD, MP3, crystal badge, smart card, card, card. Photos, plaque, flowers, lovers’suits, CD. Printed covers personal supplies, craft gifts, office supplies, stationery signs, decoration materials, cloth flowers, dress shoes and other dozens of class tens of thousands of items, can be used in any industry, the use of a wide range, digital printing machine will replace the traditional printing in the future, so as to create a better effect, lower cost, more environmentally friendly materials, more in line with the development of the world.

 Development Status

According to the technical sources, the market of the digital printing equipment can be divided into the following four categories.

1, The digital printing machine, which is developed by the technology of the copying machine and digital technology.

(1) A typical representative: Toshiba, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Canon and Xerox, OCE,. This kind of equipment generally includes three parts: partial scan, laser printing and folding binding part. Its function is more comprehensive which can scan, copy, print and digital release.

The type of device is a multifunctional digital printing system, which is a kind of digital printing, changed from the previous single output device to the digital input, output one of the equipment.


2, MFP–By the foundation of technology of the printer

This kind of equipment from principle of speaking is the same to the former , but due to  they do not grasp high-speed laser printer core technology (Canon and Xerox except), so most manufacturers of digital integral machine only compete at low speed (less than 30 pages per minute) market , even for the fax machine and printer market. This kind of equipment is difficult to enter the market for digital printing.

3, Digital printing machine –develop from the printing machine technology, digital technology and electronic ink technology

Typical representative for HP INDIGO.

4, Digital printing press – the printing press technology and digital technology and in the development of the technology of direct printing plate

Typical representative: Heidelberg DI


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