02:30 am
21 June 2021

A treasure of a family Would love to present

Since L850 printers, ink storehouse type another “treasure”, the home

everywhere filled with ink bin type L850 printed photos, life is full of

affection love around.


R1800 printhead

Print photographs of the high cost in the past, most of the time are not

willing to part with or use, ink bin type L850 6 color printer equipped

with original water, different from now on the market most 4 water

color printer, L850 printers in cyan and magenta ink storehouse, on the

basis of color more segmentation, increased the pale magenta and cyan,

give us the most intuitive feelings is ordinary users, print out the pictures

of color is more exquisite and rich, restore color photo itself more and more natural.


L850 printers, ink storehouse type can be offline for printing. It can read SD card

photos, can also be connected the camera rather than directly with USB connection

for printing.

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