12:17 pm
01 August 2021

A province is really save! L551 all-in-one

L551 all-in-one support typing, photocopying, scanning, fax four

syncretic function, using micro piezoelectric printing technology,

which can realize 33 pages per minute, black and white, 15 pages

per minute color printing speed, high effect, match with intelligence

drops transformation technology, can easily implement 5760 x1440dpi

printing precision, minimum 3 drops slightly, supported by print, which

can realize continuous copy of page 1-99, zoom range of 25-400%, fully

meet the demand of enterprise daily. Don’t need to open the cover can

be more than the scanning, photocopying, fax, 30 pages of manuscript

can be placed at once.



7700 printhead


L551 network fax machine integrating print, copy, scan and fax,

simplify working process, to better meet the demand of office printing.

Micro piezo print head durable, without replacement, reduce the overall

cost of using, to ensure that on page 4000 of the 4000 pages, color black

liquor output. Standard Ethernet networks function, USES the ultra

compact design, support the ADF fax, photocopying, scanning function,

5 seconds fast copy function is more, a key filling ink, more convenient!


Adopt large capacity of ink, a bottle of 70 ml, four-color fission, easy to buy,

save a single set of material cost, each only 60 yuan, coupled with epson

original ink storehouse system, the overall cost of province.


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