04:09 pm
30 July 2021

A new 3d printing technology to create stronger ceramic

A new 3d printing technology to create stronger ceramic

From the HRL laboratories team of researchers has developed a new 3d printing technology, the technology can overcome the shortcomings of traditional ceramic manufacturing in the processes .Newly developed processes including the proportion of resin, distribution, can be melted for the second train after train, so that the hardness of the finished product will be better and more resistant to fall, high temperature.812

Traditional processes of ceramic generally not containing polymers and other metal components, because the traditional process of ceramic products are difficult to cast and machined.Approach to the traditional procedure uses the penetration, this limits the shape of the finished product, exactly, you’re not free to produce various shapes of ceramics.I believe that with the development of 3D printing technology, we will have more breakthroughs.Cheap 3d Pens are the most representative.813

Submitted by HRL laboratories team operation can produce 10 times  better than   ceramic products, and high temperature resistant. It is said that 1700 of all high temperatures would not become distorted.3d printing technology power ceramic manufacturing will change insufficient of traditional ceramic products easy to wear and corrosion.808

3d printed products combined with ceramic technology will be applied to various fields, such as jet engine parts, an extremely complex mems packaging and electronic equipment, and so on.809