11:35 am
22 June 2021

5-10 years in the future, 3D Printing House will become a reality

5-10 years in the future, 3D Printing House will become a reality
Now, our generation is at a historical price peak, sky-high prices for ordinary people away, so a lot of people can only live in a rented house. People‘s growing demand for housing. 3D printing architecture, but it is a reality and a very promising solution. In recent days, came from Australia, researchers say, in the near future, 3D Printing House will appear. They believe that 3D printing technology has its unique advantage in the real estate market, affordable housing, emergency shelters at the scene 3D printing houses in terms of flexibility in the structure will create opportunities.
Now, researchers at RMIT Melbourne Institute of technology has developed can be used to connect the flat concrete walls and other architectural components in three-dimensional structure node. Meanwhile, in the United States the University of Southern California, contour crafting has been more than 10 years of history, this is a kind of layered manufacturing, developed by Dr Behrokh Khoshnevis , which allows automatically constructs a separate houses, or the entire community. Eventually, Dr Khoshnevis onestorey houses built from the Foundation to the roof in less than 24 hours.
Of course, the technology is still in the experimental stage, and presents a new challenge, commercialization of 3D printing house. Dr Khoshnevis warned that although 3D printing can now build some buildings, but entry-level 3D printers before mass printing building still needs a lot of testing to ensure recognition of the technology to market. Moreover, even when that day comes, it still needs quite a bit of time to experiment to achieve the 3D printing capabilities.
Dr Khoshnevis think, 3D printing houses are cheaper than using conventional construction methods at least 10%, in the lower cost of construction of temporary buildings as emergency shelters.

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