02:52 am
21 June 2021

3DS kitchen laboratories : one big wave 3d print food to strike

3DS kitchen laboratories : one big wave 3d print food to strike

With 3d printing market demand continues to grow, more and more businesses and institutions paying attention to the development of related products, 3d systems are no exception.Recently, the 3d printing industry giant in Los Angeles, first opened his own Kitchen Innovation Center : 3DS  kitchen laboratory.1022

In this lab, a lot of avant-garde culinary experts and artists have the opportunity to learn the latest food 3d print innovation projects, for the good training and education purposes, the laboratory is also equipped with the first professional 3d  printer ChefJet Pro in the kitchen cooking and all other necessary equipment.1023

As a function of both learning, exploration and cooperation space, 3DS kitchen labs will be to find traditional kitchen, ingenuity and 3d printing technology integration and innovation of all three.To achieve this objective, 3DS are working with the industry’s top chef, inviting them to use ChefJet Pro to put their skills to perfection, thus promoting the development of food 3d print.At the same time promoting food 3D printing technology, we should also promote the application of 3D printing technology in various fields. On the premise of material consumption has been greatly satisfied Nowadays, more and more people pay more attention to spiritual consumption, especially young people pay more attention to express their own personality.Recently, however, printers are popular with young people in particular, Epson T-shirt Printer ,one can print custom T-shirt.1020

In the opening of the cooking laboratory activities, they provide guests with gourmet cuisine and speciality cocktails with 3d printing elements, including onion with a 3d print of the cube ,French onion soup, steak – 3D printing deviled eggs on it, with a 3d print crystal smoked salt crystals, and so on.1019

As 3DS  company’s newest product, professional – grade 3d ChefJet Pro, based on a specific formula, produce customised dessert using a candy, fudge and candy  .The use of their own construction dimensions of 20cm X 20cm X 20cm full color printing and photo – level ability to create gorgeous carved sculptures, gorgeous cake decoration, delicate lattice, with signs of sugar.1018

Although has just opened ,3DS company kitchen laboratory had a plan from December until April next year to launch a series of activities, including 3d print basic courses of various types of food and explore the potential of the food 3d print art workshops, according to this trend of development, maybe it won’t be long , we can taste the food of the 3d printing.