02:15 am
25 September 2021

3D scanning expert beautifully restored ancient Egyptian Pharaohs gold mask beards

3D scanning expert beautifully restored ancient Egyptian Pharaohs gold mask beards

In August 2014, priceless ancient beard part of the gold burial mask of Pharaoh Tutankhamun of Egypt because the Egyptian Museum staff have accidentally touched off. At that time in order not to affect the display, they just made a simple fix, Using Epoxy Resin glue stick The beard is not for it. However, because the amount is too large, bearded bond rupture leaving obvious traces.In October, and by the year 2015, master of museum artifacts to repair the German Christian eckmann. It led the German team of Egyptian experts successfully repaired a beard, and in this process, the 3D scanning technology play a key role in the absolute.82

3D printing is a magical technology and it can give you incredible experience, just like cheap 3D pens.You can embody your ideas and create original things.That’s wonderful.

According to the understanding of China’s 3D print network, 3D scanning technologies play a role in the repair process where water is to help the team identified the need to clean up the plastic, and found the best way to remove them.Because epoxy resin is a non – water soluble resin material, so irrigation way doesn’t work, and physical methods might be damage to the mask.So after careful consideration, the team of the colloid softening heating method is selected. Finally, they finally using wooden tools and knives to clear gel a little bit clean, and the procedures cost them a full 2 weeks time.83

After cleaning up the team will use an alternative material – beeswax Beard got up again, and the effect is as natural as if it never fell.At present, this precious cultural relics have been successfully ” comeback “, back in the Cairo Museum.