05:47 pm
14 June 2021

3D prints to decorate your Christmas tree, a Star Wars robot BB-8

3D prints to decorate your Christmas tree, a Star Wars robot BB-8

Action movie Star Wars series VII : The awakening will be released in the United States on December, 18th, the most solemn Christmas is coming in  abroad, it makes a lot of people have had a Christmas tree costume into the ” Star Wars style ” idea.

Recently, the designer Martin Hajek on the Internet to share a cool series of Christmas decoration design of 3D printing, which includes the Star Wars series robots bb-8 in the movie, it’s in the upcoming Star Wars VII : The awakening has a lot of shots, ver777y popular with the fans .And a printer is also popular with people is that Da Vinci 2.0 3D printer.

Designer Martin Hajek the release of the iphone and ipad 3d perspective  is knowed by apple enthusiasts ,and  recently, he’s on your own website to share this cool bb-8 Christmas tree decoration and design.He said , ” the Star Wars to your Christmas tree, can  increase the  different atmosphere to Christmas party.

It is understood that his bb-8 from Form 1 to print to printers and resin consumables.Designers  published his design  on the Internet, he also promised that all desktop 3d printer can print, because the multiple formats such as print files with obj,stl,3ds and max.

The bb-8 model is devided  into the head and the subject  two parts, 3D print only needs to be assembled and painted to hang the Christmas tree.Of course, the color can be custom selection.