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18 January 2021

3D prints benefit the development of auto industry globalization

3D prints benefit the development of auto industry globalization

Automotive Heat Exchanger by raising material to manufacture methods to enhance the performance of the market opportunity is huge. Research and Markets report shows automotive heat exchanger is a market value of more than $12 billion of the global market, and an annual growth rate ( CAGR ) of 6% per cent, to reach $2020 by 18 billion.2019

Technical development of heat exchanger in the past 20 years can be said to be almost a standstill, because traditional, reducing material manufacturing method for processing a lot of restrictions.With the development of 3d printing technology of powder bed selective metal melting, we know of in the shape of metal material increase application of cooling the mold is of great potential, and the shape similar to the logic of cooling the mold, by raising Materials Manufacturing heat exchanger production not only in the form of reduced weight, improving the efficiency of heat exchange contacts at the same time, to enhance the overall performance of a heat exchanger.2018

All the changes began spreading powder materials manufacturing and processing methods brought about by increasing flexibility for complex parts. Due to the geometry of a high degree of freedom, increasing the surface area density of Materials and Manufacturing Technology lead to higher efficiency, good heat exchange and flow path between the pumping loss and heat exchangers can be achieved a good compromise.Therefore, we can predict the future development of printing technology is limitless.As we all know,nowadays,more and more  3D print technology apply to our daily life,such as to print some goods for decoration.Recently,Flower Art Printer is popular,because it can print beautiful flowers which girls very like.So,the market potential is large.2014

A representative case is the conflux technology,Conflux presented here is a new generation of heat exchanger technology leader, ” doing more with less ” Conflux consider that by raising material manufacturing method of manufacturing heat exchanger Direct brings the following benefits :

1.Higher heat exchange efficiency

2.More effective to reduce weight

3.Reducing pressure drop leak risk

4.Higher system efficiency2015

Beyond the prototype, made in increasing material is not suitable for automotive prototype and design certification, the restriction of potential lies in our own limits, rather than the increasing material and manufacturing technology itself2017