04:18 pm
30 July 2021

3d printing youth demonstration center set up in Qingdao

3d printing youth demonstration center set up in Qingdao

Just elementary school children, through a dozen minutes of learning, a few minutes to draw objects yourself, write down the word into a 3d works on display, not funny thing about by the amazing technology.Yesterday, Xi’ An Jiaotong University 3d print youth innovation centres of excellence established in Qingdao. Reporters at the scene saw through a software interface simple and full of cartoon fun, easily within ten minutes you can write on the tablet of words through the 3d produced.222

Yesterday morning, the demonstration center of Xi’ An Jiaotong University Institute of Qingdao 3d print youth innovation, education and training in 3d print research and development base in Qingdao officially established.Within innovation centres of excellence in Shinan district, in the display cabinets on the walls there are small yellow and white, machine, robot cat – 3D printing works.Each  computer  on the table next to go with a smaller 3d printer. ” The 3d printer is an international patent, education – specific desktop version is also the only hand – drawn 3d printer, 3d print course is designed for young people developed.” 3d printing innovation in youth centres of excellence said  by Zong Jian.In the next few years, with the development of 3d printing technology, 3d print appears in various areas of our lives.In recent,cheap 3d pens are popular with people for it use easily.444

Reporter discovered through hands-on, cell phones, flat – screen computer, wifi 3d printer itself on carrying signal, displayed in a browser after the sketch, written in the Interface generates a 3d image, select the 3d started working after printing.A few minutes later, just create 3d works are printed. The whole process is quite simple. ” This is aimed at young children develop a 3d print design software, so the kids can cross the threshold of 3d printing using difficult and technically complex for 3d printing.” Software development and technical personnel said.111

It is learnt that at present 245 schools have been established in Qingdao 3d creative studio, the creation of the 3d creative design electives. The City Board of Education has also been carried out with the core – 3D print of ” San chuang ” the importance of education as a comprehensive reform of education and teaching work in promoting 3d innovation in campus activities in the city, and within three years of coverage to all primary and secondary schools in the city, to become the country’s innovation education in 3d print demonstration zone in Qingdao.333