03:44 pm
30 July 2021

3D printing will lead the future of food culture

3D printing will lead the future of food culture

3D printing performs miracles everyday once appearing, and is especially developing rapdly in food industry. Last week 3DS  has officially launched 3D printing cooking laboratory, causing the crowd of onlookers, as 3D printing food, unlike in the field of aerospace, automobiles, robots and others, will directly affect everyday lifestyle for everyone. The popular 3D food printers are sumed up as below. Let’s see what they can bring to our life.

1. ChefJet Pro 3D printer of 3D Systemsimages

This printer is known as “the world’s first professional 3D food printer”, and support full-color printing. Users can show their cooking ideas, create new tastes and various shaped candy. Printed candy can be eaten with no worry. Its price is around $5000.

ima1ges2. XYZprinting 3D food printer

XYZ company, in Taiwan, is one of the world’s companies with advanced technology and strong financial power. da Vinci AIO 3D Printer stands out. Their 3D food printers have easy operations. Consumers only need to add raw materials in the food printer, it can place the printed prototype according to recipes. Then place the food in the oven to bake. Thus, they can easily make delicious biscuits, chocolates, pizzas and other snacks. Price at around 500-4000 dollars.

3. World’s first candy 3D printer of Katjes ind4ex

This 3D printer allows consumers using intuitive iPad user interface, to customize candies you want, from shape, colour, taste, other aspects. Then simply press the “print” button. The candies are primarily made up of pectin, sugar and fruit extracts, and 3D print a 10 grams candy for only about 5 minutes.