12:03 pm
22 June 2021

3D Printing to reproduce inside the 1960 Hollywood film, Skyfall Aston Martin DB5 car

3D Printing is everywhere,people always use 3D Printer to print the something fun,like some toys in the animation, also use Cheap 3D Pens create the something news in the life. But these is only get fun in the life. The professional areas like Medical and Space, it must be use the high quality 3D Printer to completed work. In the others , like education and entertainment. Now even Hollywood’s film inside the Skyfall Aston Martin DB5 car are 3D Printed models. Yes, the movies that often show up in luxury cars are actually 1960 Aston Martin DB5-1:3 model. In order to make the movie fighting action more lifelike, 3D Printing is the best choice, while avoiding real car battle was accidentally scratched.

According to this car manufacturing company Voxeljet said, they use volume up to 8 cubic metres of advanced VX4000 3D Printer printing in 1:3 3 Aston-Martin DB5 car model, each consists of 18 parts, assembled by professional staff after plating, painting, cars in the final film was born. They can be like a real car that opens doors, trunk and hood, and so on.

It is regrettable that, there is a print car died in the explosion scenes in movies, but it sacrifices to preserve a realistic version of the Aston Martin DB5 ‘s life. Fortunately, there are two other surviving, one of prices as high as $ 100,000.