03:53 am
21 June 2021

3D Printing the leg bracket helps the dog runs up again!

Next reporter you will see the 3D printing for love. Nowadays, people using 3D printers in space, using Cheap 3D Pens in educational, using bio 3D printers in medicine for human, but nobody using 3D technology in animals. When i saw this reporter i was very happy i could see people just for love to use 3D printer. Let’s take a look, as human’s most faithful partner, dogs won the favorite of most people. When we see a body crippled puppy, compassion arises spontaneously. In fact, we see a lot of dog-related news, but learned new information, small series or will it continue to be moved. One for Maggie dog lost a leg in a car accident, recently at the new owners with the help of a 3D print leg bracket, healthy run in the Sun.
In August this year a woman named Nicole Thibeau found Maggie, judging from the signs should be hit by a car a few months ago. Thibeau tells her to find Maggie: “when I found it, its front leg bones had been fractured and causes the hind legs are not normal activities. Whole body almost walked on the ground. I can see that it is suffering great pain. ”

After seeing the vet, said Maggie one hind leg must be amputated, and the front legs because of paralysis affected. After the surgery, it was adopted by Michael Beattie, and was well taken care of. If it’s like many similar, even missing a leg, Maggie is adapting to a new life. It still can run, jump, and play. But because of a shoulder nerve injury in, if you overuse the injured leg, two legs may be caused further damage. In order to prevent this from happening, as a veterinarian’s Beattie took it to Dr. Before Francis Arsenault, doctors said the best solution is to give Maggie injured front legs fitted with a bracket.
A Colorado company using 3D scanning and printing technologies to produce the custom leg bracket. Braces are very light, so it will not affect the normal activities of Maggie. After the initial phase of adaptation, played it can run without worries.