04:44 am
22 October 2021

3D printing technology is mature, the civilian market is springing up

3D printing technology is mature, the civilian market is springing up

” 3d print out the Christmas tree exquisite workmanship, unique design, different  with the gift that sold on the market, like the limited contributions to special order.” he said, this gift is his role in a local 3d Research and Development Company acquired by lucky draw.1022

This Christmas, from Changchun, Jilin Province, China’s Zhou Bo received an interesting Christmas with a 3d printer to print the Christmas tree and Christmas snow.

In recent years, the 3d printing technology is well known in China, from concept to industrial, medical, arts and other fields. With the further development, 3d of printers from industry has been gradually extended to the civilian, in many common people’s houses.

Located in Changchun in the Northeast Asian culture Science and Technology Innovation Park, set up a 3d print creative center. Every day, it will gather some of the 3d Print Design enthusiasts, they brought ideas here, design drawings to achieve with the help of the staff creativity ; some directly to the layout, directly from the 3d to make a real. Boss Yang Limin — creative centre said, this shop is less than six months, but has hundreds of ” fans “.1019

3D print from arise of the development so far, many people thought never know what to do with it, change for  getting to know the 3d printer’ benefits.Some people are more active with many new ideas, inspiration and relying on the 3d printer to complete. ” he said, many people print out an unexpected surprise.

Changchun, people’s childre, 10 years old, Li Longo like robot toy. Li long  is also interested in 3d print and other high-tech elements.So, he designed shape of the robot with the Children, after using 3d printer which is home purchase printing, mounting Motors, DIY robot is popular with children.Besides,Geeetech 3D Printer is also popular with people,it’s a kind of printer of DIY 3D Printer.1017

” Compared to buying a robot on the market, children prefer do-it – yourself production, this process greatly showed his creativity and imagination, 3d printer help him realise his  imagine.” Li Long said.

Sun Xi ran a beauty salon in Changchun, resourceful, she also have  the 3d idea. ” A lot of people will now be tattooed eyebrows, nose and other micro – surgery, if you use a 3d printer will print an integer, more vivid  to customers, mutatis mutandis.Now I’m looking for companies helped me to realize this idea. ” she said.1021

” It’s like a cell phone APP application, there are infinite possibilities of 3d printing technology development, because it can achieve personal customization needs, different from ordinary printer, you can maximize the’ copy’ body, there will be more and more people linked to the technology.” said Yang Limin

3d printing the establishment of demonstration base in Dalian City in Liaoning Province. Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province is under construction 3d Printing Technology Industrial Park. Qingdao City, Shandong Province, 18 primary schools set up a 3d print at the same time guests classroom — to form a 3d print in the popularization of civilian areas, normal development.1018

In recent days, held in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province  on the 3d print industry development forum, some experts predict the next five years, Chinese desktop 3d printing quality will exceed the Americans, the  market share is expected to increase to 30% percent.