03:55 pm
14 June 2021

3D printing technology in China towards the civilian

3D printing technology in China towards the civilian

In recent years, the 3D printing technology is well known in China, from concept to industrial, medical, arts and other fields. With the further development, 3D of printers from industry has been gradually extended to the civilian, in many common people’s houses.

The typical representative is the cheap 3D pens. Many people achieve their childhood dreams through it. 3D printing technology is making our life better.114

Located in Changchun in the Northeast Asian Culture, Science and Technology Innovation Park, a 3D print of creative centre was set up. Every day, here will gather some of the 3D Print Design enthusiast, someone came with ideas, with the help of the staff to achieve creative design drawings ; some designs direct, the direct use of 3D printers made real —

Print from a 3D rise since many people don’t know what to do with it, transformed gradually understand the benefits of the 3D printer. Some people are more active thinking is having a lot of new ideas, and relying on the 3D printer to complete the inspiration.” he said, many people print out an unexpected surprise.

A citizen in Changchun having children 10 years old, loves to toy robots. Having personally very interested in the high-tech elements such as 3D printing.So he and kids who designed the robot shape, bought with their own 3D printer After printing, motor mount, DIY robot child’s love.115

Compared to buying a robot on the market, children prefer do-it – yourself production, this process greatly played his creativity and imagination, 3D printers have helped him achieve imagine.” Li Long said.