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14 June 2021

3D printing technology for waste microwave turned into spot welding machine

3D printing technology for waste microwave turned into spot welding machine
Spot is through a number of permanently attached to the connection points of two pieces of metal processing technology. Its basic principle is to allow current through the connection points, with resistance at the junction of the heat generated by partial melting of metal and thus permanently together.
Recently, wearing designer Matthew Borgatti and manufacturers want to increase in own workshop one welding device. This can enhance his workshop for metal processing and rapid prototyping abilities and does not occupy much space. But it is special because, Borgatti want to DIY a spot welding machine by hand.
I use it in metal shop spot welding machine over a long period of time, and also studied for some time at University of mechanical and metal manufacturing. Borgatti, said at the Rhode Island School of design when I set the industry professional with a lot of metal working trades and jobs after graduation and I have been doing this. So familiar with spot welding machine. Now, I have their own independent shop, has been focused on digital manufacturing, mainly using 3D printing and laser cutting services to customers. But now I realize that I need to increase the number of available devices to enhance my ability to prototype.


A senior member of the open source hardware hot site Instructables, Borgatti has a wealth of DIY knowledge and experience, and he soon went into action. Once when I pass by the street next to an abandoned the microwave, I suddenly realized that, in their own shop to make everything a spot welding machine, of course, plus the bad microwave. I have a laser cutting machine, can I use 3D printers bracket, fasteners are everywhere in the store, and my toolbox can also look through the electronic device you want. He said.
Borgatti introduces his DIY microwave process of spot welding machine: I choose the SolidWorks design software, design the parts I need. I started to do a bench test, opened the microwave, then formed a temporary circuit transformer. The transformer is rewound, because at first just for the proof of concept, I just Peel the thin cable, synthetic crude wire and fold the copper core. When the testing is practicable, I’m really going to buy a large section of wire. I put all the important parts of the measure, after figured out its entire run, through SolidWorks to design it. I made a few iterations and tried multiple versions.
Borgatti microwave welding machine core surrounded by metal electrical components and laser cut parts and 3D printing parts together. As for transformers, wire and spade connectors, circuit and power cord are removed from abandoned in the microwave. Design laser cut parts, and cut out of acrylic material, he turned to design 3D printed parts.
My own Ultimaker2 3D printer to print a number of corner connector. My design is to minimize the number of fasteners. These 3D printed parts using PLA wire, wall thickness and when print settings, and have a high fill rate. Borgatti explained.
All in all, from design to make a microwave electric welding machine, Borgatti took about four days. He hopes to use this microwave welding machine helped him continue to manufacture of other metalworking tools.

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