02:02 am
21 June 2021

3D printing: Subvert female’s eyeshot of fashion

3D printing: Subvert female’s eyeshot of fashion

A woman, how to redefine your life? How can life be more wonderful?

  • Possessive jewelery

3D printing private customized jewelry can show more different of yourself, as opposed to mass produced jewelry. t01b011573ca150b82aBecause of its scarcity and the penetration of aesthetic and culture, it becomes new hits. It arouses hot collecting, so is very suitable for collection and family heritage. Besides, 3D jewelery are important accessories for high-end social situations.

  • Exquisite clothes

3D printing fashion clothes show beautiful romance. The unique 3D printing technology interprets the attitude of understated luxury and perfect design, in line with the new requirements of modern women, and adds color to the romantic and elegant life. Today, 3D printed dresses have become the focus of fashion. Whether in New York fashion week or the major shows, 3D printing is highlighting its unique charm. At home, we can also feel its charm, by using da Vinci 1.1 3D printer.

  • Stunning shoes

t017734c804f74e287dThe leading actress of “the sex and the city”, Carrie has a classical theory: “love will die, but the shoes are always on.” In fact, the women beautiful gestures, to a large degree, has close relationships with shoes. When wearing 3D printed flat shoes and high heels, the feeling of walking is completely different. Whether you like to wear 3D printed high heels or not, once put it on, to balance the body’s center of gravity, you can’t help but become erect. As a result, walking nature becomes beautiful and graceful.

  • Elegant bags

How important are 3D printing bags for women? 3D print bag is not just used to store and protect the things t010e9c1c70ca574e5bthat need carrying, more is the pointer of the overall shape and taste. In the past, we all think the color of 3D print packs going with the shoes and belt, is the most correct pairing that can’t go wrong. But such a combination is not absolute. In fact, 3D printed bags, belts, shoes and clothes, or even a scarf match each other.