03:41 pm
30 July 2021

3D printing, scanning, laser cutting all-in-one machine costs only $1000

3D printing, scanning, laser cutting all-in-one machine costs only $1000

Today 3D printer is already quite popular, then many makers and start-ups begin using CNC milling machine or laser cutting tools as the second tool of the invention, which ultimately made the birth of machines with multiple functions. Recently, the new all-in-one machine “Adam”, developed by Italy start-up Northype, appeared on the imagesworld stage. It not only has the 3D printing, laser cutting and 3D scanning all-in-one feature, but also is an open source product. As long as with sufficient capacity, improvements can be easily made to its design, adding more modular manufacturing heads, such as Spectra printheads.

Although with many features, Adam is not sloppy in the 3D printing capabilities. As far as known, it owns a 0.4mm standard nozzle and its building can be heated. Its wire has 1.75mm diameter, and compatible types include conventional PLA, ABS, special nylon and wooden materials.

As for the other two functions, they are pretty good. The laser cutting module is perfectly used to paper, cardboards, imagespolystyrene, or even leather and other materials, and the milling part can achieve anything you want. Scanning module has simple operations, and can also achieve near real high quality scanning at the same time.

The multifunction device is currently open on raise events of Kickstarter, and just costs the early bird price of $ 1000. If you are interested then go and have a look!