11:17 pm
15 May 2021

3D printing of bionic fish bait to help you catch the big fish

3D printing of bionic fish bait to help you catch the big fish

Recently, on the raised platform Kickstarter,one from New England Magurobotics released their use of the development of 3D printing a fun fishing tools – Zombait.It can simulate the fish in the water action, to help you to capture a large predatory fish.

143D printing is a magical technology and it can give you incredible experience, just like cheap 3D pens.You can embody your ideas and create original things.That’s wonderful.16

Their goal is simple, you can create a repeat of the fish movement, and can be repeated loading dead fish small robot device in the body.”With the aid of a 3D printer and some custom electronic products, we modify our design, constantly improve the durability of its use, running time, power, trajectory, size, and ease of use, etc., before and after completed more than six versions of Zombait, and created hundreds of prototype.”They explained.

the fruit of all the hard work of these is Zombait, an i15ntelligent robot fish, it can be inserted into most bait fish’s mouth, and imitate their movement, and can be used repeatedly.”Zombait is easy to use, it allows you to choose their own way of bait, want, and stick to your own habit. All you need is insert Zombait equipment to go through the fish’s mouth.”Development team, said: “and, unlike live fish, it will never be tired or a sudden unexpected death. More importantly, it does not try to escape from you wanted to go fishing for fish!”