02:50 am
25 September 2021

3d printing micro – factories or 3d will be printed into the mainstream

3d printing micro – factories or 3d will be printed into the mainstream

In 2014, Futurist and author of the book The 3d print, in the book, Christopher Barnatt  mentioned 3D printing,  the final and  the most important benefits of print are changes to the environment.Our current patterns of consumption waste a lot of logistics costs, and no such disadvantages of local manufacturing will be a long-term trend of 3d printing.132

Now, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory ( ORNL ) Dr. Lonnie Love expressed his views on the development of 3d printing : he believes that within the next few months, the United States there will be many scattered, but near the community of micro – factories.These Micro – factories will be a new interpretation of 3d printing technology application breadth and depth, but we recognize the potential of 3d printing is undervalued.In the next few years, development of 3D printing will go far beyond people’s imagination.Just before Flower Art printers appears there is far too imagine that it can print out a wide range of beautiful flowers for decoration.135

These micro – factory not far right next to you ,will play a big role, such as greatly simplify the logistics chain, reduce supply pressure, and lightweight and optimization of product design and production by reducing material consumption.In addition, they can also help repair the damaged parts. Because the start does not need the support of mould manufacturing, the development of micro – factories within reach.130

At a time is limited to 3d Print view that such technology can only be used to manufacture small parts, and it’s hard to balance between accuracy and speed, especially in 3d metal printing.This allows the production of prototypes, medical and aerospace industries become the main field of application of 3d printing. But now, ORNL develop BAAM technologies which are expected to develop in the field of manufacture of plastic products to break that barrier.This device not only faster, build large, and very economic.128

At present, the ORNL 3D print  application has been extended to wind power generation, construction and defense fields.