02:53 am
21 June 2021

3D Printing market gets saturated , 3D Printing concepts become “Hot Potato”

Marketwatch column writer Michael A. Gayed wrote today , despite Tuesday United States stock end even fell trend, appeared check fell back stability signs, then a plate still in dire straits in the suffering. It is big hot of 3D Print plate, printer quality and reliability is questioned, and 3D print market has saturated, the big enterprise faced hard of to inventory cycle, investment banking sharply cut leading unit target price, investors should be as soon as possible selling away from field, After leading enterprise performance shows signs of renewed intervention no later than.

Gayed writes that once upon a time, 3D printing is one of the most popular on the market concept, imagine whether it was cool, it not only can print out a complete building, even in the space shuttle astronaut print in any desired shape.Analysts widely believe that 3D printing market has great potential, is bound to be one o1_副本f many breakthrough technologies in the manufacturing sector in the future.

Past 3 years compound annual sales growth in 3D printing industry 34%, once markets have high hopes and unmanned, robot known as three of the most imaginative sunrise industry in the future. However, with the leading enterprises of the industry revenues have soared in recent years, as well as ongoing expansion through mergers and acquisitions, 3D printers on the market quality and reliability is a problem. Even a well-known investment bank that 3D printing market is saturated, large enterprises are faced with the difficult process of destocking. Certainly induce such a response was mainly 3D large printers, as well as industrial, medical, 3D printer, Michael a. Gayed attitude, I expressed some doubt, at least for now, in a small 3D printers, and Cheap 3D Pens, these are all very popular products, already small audience slowly developed into a mass.

Not long ago, Deutsche Post Institute bears bellwether Stratasys and 3D printing. Deutsche Bank analyst Sherri Scribner noted that over the past 2 years snapping 3D printer in the industry, now days are gone, the honeymoon is over, 6-12 months of industry demand is extremely weak in the future. In view of the market is saturated, Scribner will fall leading enterprises of Stratasys from buy to hold, but will substantially cut its target price from $ 28 to $ 12. Wave surging after another, 3D printing company ExOne posted fiscal third-quarter earnings, loss of us $ 0.7 per share, loss is much greater than the Capital IQ expected a loss of $ 0.06, revenue-8.2% per cent to $ 8.86 million, US $ 17.02 million less than the expected value. Revenue forecast down from $ 580.06 billion for the year to $ 40 million. ExOne’s dismal performance dragged the overall 3D printing industry stocks fell, leading shares fell 3.2% 3D Systems, Stratasys fell 5.4%, Voxeljet decline to 5.3%.

Gayed wrote, 3D printer manufacturer blamed the poor performance of long sales cycles, and pointed out that from the consumers to the goods delivered under the time cycle is becoming more difficult to predict, the leading enterprise 3D Systems and Stratasys said is 2013-2014 years after a new round of pressure on the stock.

Gayed wrote that a gentleman should never stand under the wall, 3D printing is now gone, investors wish to sell out as soon as possible, once the leading enterprise performance shows signs of again intervene no later than.