11:36 am
01 August 2021

3D Printing market boom! Epson will enter the 3D Printing industry

Now, the traditional 2D printers HP, Canon has announced plans to enter the 3D printing market, of course, another 2D print big Epson is not far behind. Recently, the Epson in India held 25 anniversary, Minoru Usui, Chairman of the global development plans and goals for the future talks. As the market continues to heat up demand for 3D printing, Epson printers as the main product in the industry demand and market demand, the two parties trying to find a balance, and this often means breaking a long pattern.

Manufacturers to provide 135643M06-0consumers what they really want, generally integration of science and technology, manifested in many forms of consumer goods. In the printing industry, the hottest technology and natural is a 3D printer, because the consumer class, people of all ages to demand. Usui said: “Epson hasn’t and 3D printing-related products, but we are moving in this direction, seeking within 5 years to make some gains.”

Before Epson  product there are many in the print industry, such as affordable Inktank printer, this machine in India very popular and the Epson R9880 Printhead is using range wide in the world. In addition, there are micro-needle point piezoelectric inkjet technology development, greatly accelerated the pace of development of the printing industry, their goal is to create life more convenient and affordable products. Referring to 3D printing, Usui said they will focus on the development of a technology, is not covered by many enterprises and not easy to relate one area: related to weapons manufacture 3D printers.

Usui said they will focus on overseas markets in the future, such as their plans in India invest a large sum of money. Epson also plan to extend the watchmaking business, but development in a more traditional direction, unlike Apple, marching towards the direction of wearable device. This does not mean that they are not interested in high-tech, their products include Robotics and automation prod1356431E0-1ucts, these products in India sales are very good. Epson research and development of robots are small, generally used in high-precision assembly work. Initial research and development of robots for internal use only, late to market.

Conversation can be seen from the Usui, 3D printing has a place in Epson in future research and development plans, in order to meet consumer demand, they plan to print speeds up to 100ppm or more in the future. And the textile industry, robotics-related mass factory printer is also developing one of the goals.