06:59 am
09 March 2021

3D printing London landmarks are worthy of your exotic tours

3D printing London landmarks are worthy of your exotic tours

London is one of four world-class cities, with New York, Tokyo, Paris side by side. From 1801 to early 20th century, as a world Empire-the capital of the British Empire, London’s charm is not a few words can express. London is a world tourist destination, really want to see the London Bridge Tower, look at the Big Ben to see if it the Prime figure.

inde2xFor us, the poor one or two times European tour may only live, wonderful memorable exotic if only used photos to cherish the memory of it seem a bit thin. How should we do? For walkers, 3D printing should be the most fashionable behavior, whether it is at home or in the office is a place to live up to, especially using da Vinci 3D printers.

In front of the London Bridge Tower, like Tower Bridge, the Thames Estuary, every little detail is done by 3D printing, and after cleaning, polishing, painting, takes us into the minute that the ancient civilization of the city.

Famous Gothic architecture of the world Big Ben, London’s landmark, the Bell Tower is 95 meters high with a diameter of 7 meters, weighs 13.5 tons. Such excitement in the building, and only d can print perfect copy, from every window, every pillar is to undergo a rigorous modeling, precision printing.

The following will give you some cases built unto the name of the print:index

  • Big Ben model 13.5 meters in height, a little more than three hours to print.
  • Titanic number, model size of 13 cm, two hours to print.
  • Saint Paul’s Cathedral, model size is 10 cm, print the time is 6 hours.
  • London Bridge Tower, model size 19.7 cm, printing time for a little more than four hours.

So it seems that print these landmarks and the palms are not time consuming as we expect, if you are a creative and romantic person, go ahead and create your own travel memories, which will be immortal.