12:02 pm
01 August 2021

3D printing lighting to make your Christmas special

3D printing lighting to make your Christmas special

The annual Christmas is coming, Christmas, Santa, snowman, wind chimes, first of all, these are full of festive Christmas products such as candlesticks reflect in our minds.Room dressed in neon colors series, LED lights or LED lamps, make the room more colorful, festive active.Now is the time for a game. From Wen Bo intelligent micro – factory 3D print designers designed a series of unique style table lamps, used to adorn Christmas, feel the side of Christmas ever.75

3D printing technology is one of the best magical existence.Take the cheap 3D pens for example, you can use it to create any model that you can imagine.Maybe you can also use it to design your own lamp models.

Christmas feels romantic fantasy, the crowded streets, and the warm and bright window, hung with gifts of Christmas tree, Santa Claus with red hat is lovely.The most let a person feel warm is, or a group of friends and family in their dress up the room, each other in the warm light, talk to each other.Different light constantly convert my mood, led us into the different artistic conception, bring infinite daydream to the person.72

Reveal dim the light, carved above all kinds of patterns, rose pattern and snow patterns, with different shapes, line type, round, square mesh size, 3D print of the twilight series lamps create an atmosphere of nostalgia, retro, people could not help but think of ” The find in him a 1100 – degree, suddenly looking back, that people are, the bend.” The mood.