05:35 pm
21 February 2019

3d printing into the kitchen

3d printing into the kitchen

3d print ” this concept is far away from you? While it is often seen on various science and technology conference figure, 3d print component, 3d print organs — but in fact, many people have not actually seen, it feels too far away from daily life.22227

3d printing enterprises in  xyzprinting Japan showed at CES 2015 conference at the beginning of the world’s first ” 3d food Printer “, you can print the all kinds of things including cookies, pizza, chocolate, scones, and so on, can also be used to get framed the cake flowers.22228

The good news is, this product to be available for sale in the states in early 2016 by the end of this year, you can buy back soon for artistic creation in the kitchen.The bad news is priced at about 10,000 yuan , is a little expensive for ordinary baking enthusiasts.However,Da Vinci 2.0 3D Printer  has a good sale for it’s economic.


Users just need to put the flour, chocolate, butter and other materials into printer consumables box, enter the corresponding data for a specific food, the printer can use a nozzle 1-4 mm, Print out through the accumulation of layers of three – dimensional shape of food.The whole process takes a few minutes.22223

Noting that the raw materials must be put into viscous liquid, can be carried out through the nozzle set. You can always modify the data printer settings, change the size and shape of food, bulk production.22224