06:57 pm
30 November 2020

3d printing in the other direction : 3d printed pens

3d printing in the other direction : 3d printed pens
[ Abstract ] Why 3D printed pens to spread more easily than printers ? The answer is simple:low cost, easy to use.



3D printing technology has long been considered a potential  productivity tools in 21st century that can simplify the process of hand – made, in education, customized and retail industries have a higher value in use.However, while the 3D printer in the market are not uncommon, but the prevalence is expensive and difficult situation, then 3D printing can only be confined to the printer device?This is not the case according to the Forbes website reported that the 3D printed pens on track to become a more consumer – oriented 3D printing tools, consumers.Previously, 3doodler the raised print successful,have a  good response after listing ;Recently, a name for the ” 3dsimo ” 3D printed pen , more  than double of  the target amount of the raise, will be available in early 2016.9


So, why should cheap 3D pens easier than printers universal access to it? The answer is simple : low cost, easy to use. First look at price, either 3doodler or 3dsimo, the price is 80 dollars ( about 500 yuan ) per cent more likely to be acceptable to the average family, and they do not require complex CAD drawing, computer – aided design software, as long as the copy photos or pictures, you can easily print out the 3D model.3dsimo in detail in the promotional video shows the printing process : a tree by copying pictures, easily print out a vivid 3D tree models, and the Pen itself also has a trim, polishing function.8

3dsimo developer Ondrej  Virag said : ” 3dsimo not only easy to use, and better able to express individuality and emotion.For example, through a computer draw a line, always straight, the lack of energy ; while the 3dsimo allows users to’ paint’ the 3d model, made Group of goods the soul.”

Although compare with  3D printer, 3D printed pens can only make a relatively simple model, but there is no doubt more easier universal in the field of family and education , this may be a new 3D print directions.