01:59 pm
08 March 2021

3D printing helps you take photographs by “GUN”

3D printing helps you take photographs by  “GUN”

Recently, a team of talented designers has developed a very interesting 3D printing pistol grip for Olympus Air lens  camera.

indexAir belongs to the commercial version of the  Olympus open platform camera, and its resolution is up to 16 million pixels. The camera looks more like a digital SLR camera. In fact, this 3D printing pistol grip is mainly used to connect two important components: Olympus camera lens and a smart phone or tablet you own, which will be used as LCD monitor of the camera. The camera can connect and communicate with your smart phone via WiFi or Bluetooth . This product was first launched in Japan in September, 2014, and then extended to other places. And 3D products become more and more popular, including cheap 3D pens.

This super cool Air 3D printing pistol grip won 2015 special jury prize of OPC Hack and Make Awards. This design Firefox_Screenshot_2015-11-17T01-40-04.051Zenables the user to put a similar shooting position for filming, that hands simply pull the “trigger” of the gun, then you can trigger the shutter to take photos. Funny thing is, the word “shoot” has these two meanings in English. Its developers say this design perfectly matches Olympus Air with no viewfinder, which can allow users to aim at the subject without seeing any Finder.

This rather humorous 3D printing pistol grip of the camera allows consumers to take a more relaxing approach to film. Probably, this could signal a coming era that cameras do not like cameras. with the help of 3D printing,  imaginative designers may give us more strange-looking cameras.