03:14 am
21 June 2021

3D printing has to do with robots?

3D printing has to do with robots?

On February 1, the Japanese companies –spread said : they create the world’s first fully automated farmland. In this new field, in addition to sowing is done by a human, the other from the water to the crops they work almost entirely run by robots.851

Allegedly, this fully automatic indoor farm will begin formal operations in the summer of 2017, daily production will reach 30,000 of lettuce. The companies hope that within five years, will increase daily output to 500,000.The farm covers an area of about 4400 square meters, from floor to ceiling with shelves for lettuce growth.3d printing technology has covered all its aspects,the most typical is cheap 3D Pens.850

In fact, in addition to Japan, many countries around the world in terms of agricultural automation has made no small effort, especially the developed countries. Some people said : the family – owned agro – economic was destroied by development of science and technology, but it is undeniable that population ageing is an important issue at present.No large scale agricultural production and food supply in jeopardy.845

In addition, apart from the robot, believe that the 3d print will also play a big role in the modernization of agriculture, whether it is 3d printing tools, or 3d prints crop surveillance drones, reflecting the effective combination between the two.Japan also has been at the forefront of Asia and even international in 3d printing technology , the upcoming automated farmland whether use 3d printing elements, let’s wait and see.848