05:54 pm
14 June 2021

3D printing BASE insoles can be measured curve of feet using a mobile phone

3D printing BASE insoles can be measured curve of feet using a mobile phone

Lots of running enthusiasts or athlete has their own favorite sneakers, and if you like running, then you must be very interested in 3d print customized insoles services introduced by Wiivv.This service can allow you to use a smartphone APP to customize for your sports shoes insole.734

BASE support for iOS and Android platform, you can based on its own feet type , according to  own demand and run habit create your own 3d print sport insole,it has the most comfortable experience.in terms of performance, comfort or ergonomics .732

Base insoles can maximize comfort, less fatigue, for each foot of the curve with the best support and stability. While users to measure their own feet and the ARC ,just need a smart phone and 5 minutes can be very convenient.Nowadays,with the development of 3d printing technology,3D Printing brings us a lot of surprise.We can use Cheap 3D Pens to print what you like.733

First of all, the application will through the 2d image to image capture the contours of the foot, then these images through Wiivv its special 3d engine converts  to 3D print  file.File after upload by SLS technology 3D printer, using laser technology to cut into the perfect curve. Then, through artificial material added to the sole, including such as the silicon pedal and cushion.Kinematic Analysis of all are conducted through a third party professional bodies, insoles can reduce pressure on the knees and hips, reduce harm in improving sports performance.The same time, through analysis of the professional ability to absorb the impact when walking or running.