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25 September 2021

3D printing allows you to easily DIY super bright custom t-shirt designs

3D printing allows you to easily DIY super bright custom t-shirt designs
In the 80 ‘s of last century, screen printed in the Western world was all the rage, this is due in large part to the rise of punk rock movement, when young people are very fashionable for convenient screen print on t-shirts printed their favorite stars.
Basic principle of so-called screen printed silk fabric, synthetic fabric or metal mesh stretched on the screen frame, handcarved film or photochemical making screen plate making method. And use of screen mesh ink graphic part, the graphic part meshes do not strike through basic principles of print. Although this technique is very simple, but as of today, still very widely used, because it can, in a very cheap cost, in many kinds of materials (includes t-shirt) on the scale of printed images.
And now, in the 3D printing help, you can also make your own screen printing Kit. The kit is made by media, arts and design teachers Cam Watt design, he claims that screen-printing is one of five of his favorite hobbies, other four hobbies include painting, photography, CAD and 3D printing. His tool kit consists of a blade, frame and a STL file to convert PNG files for 3D printing script. Sometimes, convert a 2D image into a d model is not so easy, but Watt provides a link, can help you do this. In this way, you can print any image. If you still have problems, then you can go here to see a detailed tutorial
This kit is designed to be very compact, strong and durable. Your 3D printer print bed in 15×15 cm is required to print them out. It‘s printed on fabric or paper, its pattern of maximum print area is about 120×20 mm. Except STL file of 3D print yiwai, you also need prepared following things, to completed once success of screen printing: 10×10 inches of polyester (for screen printing with) cloth, and screen printing ink, and color knife, and double tape, and 3D printer Shang of tape, and 3D printer, and 3D print wire (PLA and flexible wire as Ninjaflex), and one bolt and nut #6 (1 inches long).
When you want to print the pattern, you need to first print the 3D is actually printed with 3D version. Watt himself using Ninjaflex wire, print and print bed temperature sets the temperature to 220 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. As for other 3D printing parts you can use PLA wire. When you put all the 3D print out, the rest of the Assembly is very simple. Then print it.

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