10:07 am
04 August 2021

3D Printing-after loading a new darling

3D printing technology is used in a powdered metal or plastic bonded material through layer-by-layer stacked way to construct an object of the integration. Compared with traditional manufacturing, 3D printing has a low cost, high speed, high utilization of materials, print a wide range of Adaptive advantages, are widely used in the design and manufacture of complex equipment.3D Printer make the parts,Cheap 3D Pens using in the educational, Bio 3D Printer in the medical. More and more areas use the 3D technology. 3D printing technology and its application in the military field and the actual deployment, the effect that will have on the future, worthy of attention and research.
Print up thousands of weapons

3D printing technology does not need the traditional manufacturing of ingots, embryo, mold, die forging processes, prototypes can be made fast, lowcost production, improve material utilization, and digital production can at any time amend, dramatically shorten the development cycle and reduce development costs. In 2013, the United States solid concept company succeeded in creating the world‘s first 3D printed metal pistol, shooting accuracy and General firearms, there is no difference. Soldiers of light equipment, ground robots and unmanned aircraft, will also be 3D printing to show their talents.

Damaged equipment maintenance

At present, the equipment maintenance support mainly to take redundancy, advance provision of large quantities of components, to replace equipment damaged. Due to equipment damage and difficult to predict, when inadequate protection effect will be prepared in advance because of fewer parts and equipment repair, safeguard overdose is because too many accessories to prepare in advance and increased security pressure. In the battlefield of the future, if you need to replace the damaged parts, technical support personnel can be used at any time to carry the 3D printer print out the damaged part, complete damaged equipment maintenance support tasks. United States Army beginning in 2012 mobile maintenance and support equipment forces laboratory, is in fact a standard 20-foot container with 3D printers, can be transported to any place by truck or helicopter, enhance the combat capability of the forces continued.

Medical aid adds new

3D printing technology has a wide range of applications in the biomedical field, can print out the bones, teeth, artificial liver, artificial blood vessels and other body structure, the tailor-made individual organs and the body matches more precise, so as to improve the success rate. Applied to force Medicaid, this technology meets the needs of the sick and wounded can be printed organs, to change the traditional treatments, help injured soldiers regain healthy body.

Build the tongue of the camp

3D food printer just ingredients and ingredients into the container in advance and enter the desired recipe, by supporting professional software will be able to take a print. United States New York Cornell University developed a 3D food printer, print out the color, aroma and taste of food, the food and handmade no difference. Will d food printer Assembly to forces, can rich forces of food type, making out more personality food, soldiers can free select or homemade recipes, print Hamburg, and gnocchi, and wonton, and bread rod, delicious of food; and can sharply reduced from raw materials to finished of link, solution food processing, and transport, and packaging, link in the of pollution and save, problem, sharply improve forces logistics guarantees efficiency. Additionally, the 3D food printer does not produce smoke, solved the problem due to exposure to smoke while performing combat missions goals.

3D printing technology in military combat also has applications in other areas, traction battlefield will change in many areas, to improve combat effectiveness.