06:11 am
18 January 2022

3D printhead: only a single sprinkler?

3D printhead: only a single sprinkler?

3D printer is a very fast-growing market in all over the world, and now many domestic print equipment manufacturers of Roland Printhead-1000001354 which is also engaged research and development and manufacturing, and understanding and awareness for a 3D printer, we also need to learn and focus on 3D printing technology of information and knowledge. Awareness of the nozzle for a 3D printer, under summarized briefly below. file25535(1)
For independently developed a printer manufacturer, single-nozzle or double nozzle for businesses without any technical difficulty. After the company decided to give double nozzle and focused on production of single head, take into consideration the following points:
1, principles of FDM spinning machines, whether you are a dual-head, three nozzles or you n a sprinkler, should belong to false color level, not the true meaning of true color. This is a bit similar as a child in rural black and white machine, outside covered a layer of colored plastic sheets, then say it’s color TV is the same. Therefore, monochrome and color will not change color.

2, if it is only in the same color, there are better ways to achieve this, such as painted in the late. Why spend thousands of Yuan in order to function, or thousands of them? Key is ineffective.

thCARGYUUR 3, multi head machines, structures, sprinklers, so in the course of using, and a corresponding increase in the probability of a failure. This gives users a great deal of trapped.

4,Nozzle 3D printer prices. Some manufacturers that consumers do not understand the machine’s case, the exaggerated publicity function of double nozzle. Many consumers would buy dual-head or blindly head, but bought found unnecessary. But cost of the machine because of thousands of thousands of Yuan on a nozzle. Consumers pay more to pay.