01:15 pm
01 August 2021

3D printers make life wonderful

3D printers make life wonderful

5Earlier there is “tsinghua men give up millions of annual salary and sell high pretend bility 3D printing pancakes” news, and let more and more entrepreneurs  sight on the application of “3Dprinters” in the food industry.Recently, hangzhou also gave birth to a such entrepreneurial teams.They use 3D printer to build very personalized cookies and let it be a kind of leisure food, also it is enterprise and individual  propaganda way.

 The magical thing of 3D printing is that you can print out what you want, then, 3D printing and food together will be  magic sparkles friction.Imagine, go to a friend’s wedding banquet, the scene of the cookies, all food with the groom and the bride’s cartoon image;To attend an activity, tea cakes all logo printed on the organizers, while providing refreshments has played a very good promotion effect.Hangzhou printing technology co., LTD is committed to independent research and development when consumer food 3D printers. 3D printing technology is applied to food, to create the first food brand “mill dawes” first achieved good response.If you also  want to have a big suprise,you deserve to own on Geeetech I3 3D printer.7

When printing technology  in hangzhou in zhejiang university national university science park , the reporter sees that there are a large bag on the desk with zhejiang university crest “realistic eagle cookies, this is a test.No matter from the logo of cookies or colour to see, then outlook of “realistic” eagle  is pretty good.

3D printers “ink” can be very diverse, from organic to inorganic matter, almost all materials can be used for 3D printing.Cookies, for example, if you want to print custom cookies, join the cookie recipe, and if you want to print customize oreo cookies, oreo to formula.You don’t need to think about how to make one belong to your cookies, 3D food printer to help you fix everything.