02:45 am
25 September 2021

3D printers can also print 2D painting!

3D printers can also print 2D painting!

We all know that 3D printer print works is a three-dimensional works, each of which are amazing, but have you ever thought about using 3D printers can directly create artwork like painting it?251

A recent painting “is made with a 3D printer, from the hand of the designer Jason Preuss, Preuss has 15 years of experience in watchmaking, has launched a 3D print domes clock previously.252

According to China 3D printing network is understood that these 2D to 3D printed paintings is not easy, requiring complex software stack and program settings, it does not require any post-processing. In simple terms, clothes need to be divided into different areas of color, through a series of procedures, with the WER-D100 3D printer to print them out layer by layer. There is no doubt that this is a very huge project.250

From the distance, perhaps you will think these 3D printed works and nothing, but close up, I am sure that you will be moved by its artistic and artisan spirit, you know, these paintings are only a few millimeters, as with  some pieces of paper thick.