02:07 pm
30 July 2021

3D printer, which features can be achieved?

3D printer, which features can be achieved?

3D printing play a very important role, according to the different application fields:

In recent years, the rapid development of 3D printing, and CNC machining, casting, metal, cold spray, silicone mold manufacturing means combining the technology has been an effective means of modern models, moulds and parts manufacturing, aerospace, auto, home appliances, bio-medical, cultural and creative fields to some application in engineering research and teaching applications also occupies a unique position.
Specific applications include:C8025D3F813936E11D0DAA14550E5BF3

1, industrial manufacturing: product concept design, prototyping, product review, functional verification; making a prototype or directly print molds, printing products. 3D printing of small unmanned aircraft, small car concept has been published. 3D printed model of household appliances, were also used in the promotional and marketing activities;

2, cultural creativity and digital entertainment: complex shapes and structures, materials, special artistic expression vector. Science fiction film avatar using Epson Printhead-F18600 to shape some characters and props, 3D printing levels close to the crafts of the violin;

3, aerospace and defense: shape, size, fine, manufacture of special parts, bodies;

4, bio-medical: artificial bones, teeth, hearing aids, prostheses, etc;

5, consumer goods: jewellery, clothing, shoes, toys, creative, DIY works design and manufacturing;

6, construction: building pneumatic experiments and results of the model show, construction engineering and construction (AEC) simulation.thCAJHCS4O

7, education: a model to test a scientific hypothesis, experimentation, teaching different disciplines. In some secondary schools, universities and military colleges in North America, 3D printing has been used for teaching and research;

8, customization: personalized print based on Web data downloads, e-commerce customization services.