01:31 am
25 September 2021

3D Printer : 《Food Award》 Challenge Your Imagination

3D Printer : 《Food Award》 Challenge Your Imagination

Who says 3D printing can only be used in large industries? 3D printing is now cross-border food. In the food processing indu0939405640-0stry, 3D printing brings a revolution quietly changed people’s perception of processed foods, to subvert the traditional food and beverage industry. Food combination and 3D printing technology, makes food glow with a different style. Now, let us enjoy the 3D printing actually created what wonderful food!

These beautiful as if art 3D printed candy, 3D system the company introduced the ChefJet Pro print. Operating principle seems quite simple, using food coloring as printing ink, to sugar as the paper. Its production platform to spread a thin layer of crystals. Micro-nozzles, water and artificial food colourings and fragrances into sugars, sugar would be frozen. This process repeats until making a candy. ChefJet Pro print speed is quite slow, printed candy is supposed to taste good. This candy 3D printer prices are not cheap, prices of up to $ 10000 general cargo can stay away.Does not everyone can afford high prices, now at a stage of rapid development of 3D printing technology, although not universal, but the application has a very wide range, in the near future, everyone will be the beneficiaries of the 3D printer.

This almond frogs from Germany Print2Taste Bocusini food 3D printer. Use the printer will need to purchase the company’s ingredient capsule, capsule into the printer can be downloaded from the website after model to print. Each capsule contains 60 ml of food materials. So far, Bocusini 3D foo0939405G8-3d printer will print successfully more than 30 different types of food, mainly in candies, baked goods, snack products, meat products, dairy products, fruit and vegetable products of six categories. This almond frog print took about 1 hour, printers are available for current official website.

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