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25 September 2021

3D Printer : Carry guns to take pictures !

3D Printer : Carry guns to take pictures !

In January 2015, the well-known camera manufacturers Olympus company introduced the Ol1341132T8-2ympus Open Camera (Olympus open camera) online platform. Through this platform, Olympus will provide a variety of 3D printing of documents for hackers or a camera lens in a variety of applications, the company even released an official open source software development kit (SDK). That means, Olympus will be provided to the hacker/geek application based on various open source smart camera products (such as unmanned camera) provides specialized technical support.

Today, the company’s policy has finally borne fruit. Recently, a team of talented designers for Air lens Olympus camera has developed a very interesting 3D prints of the pistol grip.Geeetech_20150718005604

Commercial version of the Air belongs to the Olympus open platform camera, resolution up to 16 million pixels, the camera looks more like a digital SLR camera. In fact, this device is mainly used for connecting two important components: Olympus camera lens and you own a smart phone or tablet, which will be used as LCD monitor of the camera. The camera with your smart phone via WiFi/Bluetooth connection and communication. This product was first in 2014 in September in Japan launch, and then extended to other places.

This super cool Air 3D prints of the pistol grip, access to the OPC Hack and Make Awards 2015 special jury prize. This design enables the user1341134509-5 to put a similar shooting position for filming, hands simply pulled a gun on a “trigger”, you can trigger the shutter to take photos. Funny thing is, filmed in English (Shoot) another means of shooting. Its developers say this design with no viewfinder, Olympus Air perfect match, which can allow users without any Finder to see the lens at the subject.

Austrian forest bass claimed, this paragraph Air camera itself will “complex of digital can swap lens camera and intelligent organic of powerful function combined has up”, “it has can swap lens camera of all advantage–like optical zoom, and high image quality, and bright of big aperture, and powerful of low light performance and shallow depth effect,, and this all are contains in it simple of cylindrical body shape in the.

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