07:43 am
02 August 2021

3D printer “build a house” almost for free !!!

3D printer “build a house” almost for free !!!

Recently, from the Italy newsQQ截图20151029161425, the world’s largest 3D printer “Delta” (up to 12 meters) out, not just bigger, most crucial is that this printer a house close to “zero cost”, for building materials in limited areas or economic difficulties is undoubtedly a huge good news!

It consists of a sturdy metal frame supporting 6 meters in diameter, rotation nozzle mixer function, you can even print materials, the material is clay, then use a small amount of chemical additives to make reinfQQ截图20151029161447orcement.

In addition, this “Big Mac” build very quickly, can provide a very flexible architecture, the building is unique, a bird’s nest-shaped, and can be assembled. Once the technology is promoted, then three dimensional printing houses will become more common. The United Nations predicts that the next 5 years, if the technology is applied, everyday in the world will increase by 100,000 new houses for those without homes, this is definitely a big thing.

Compared to conventQQ截图20151029161258ional buildings, this printer is more suitable for low-rent construction and rapid construction, buildings can withstand earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods and other natural disasters test for disaster relief in developing countries, have good market prospects.3(11)

Hope this 3D printer can benefit mankind, many people need this kind of opportunity, but not have access to such assistance, 3D printers currently is applicable only to a small number of people. Needed and not everyone can afford the cost, as the technology matures, diversification of printing supplies, it is still an attainable goal, with experience when, it would just have to wait. But, the good news is, now based 3D printer is relatively mature.

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