06:08 am
18 January 2022

3D printed pottery will promote the development of the aerospace industry

3D printed pottery will promote the development of the aerospace industry

Using 3d printing technology to create pottery, 100 to 1000 times faster than traditional methods.450

According to tech site Engadget reports, 3d printing is definitely one of the most popular technology concepts, with the development of technology, we can print anything in the future, but right now, print articles, or Polymer Plastics, only a small amount of metal and glass.But HRL laboratories recently made new breakthroughs in this regard, they can print out the pottery.3D printing technology  is developing rapidly, not only can print ceramic, and can print the flower.Recently,a kind of Flower Art Printer with camera is popular among  people.448

Technicians said the trick is not to heat the process of ceramic powder. If you are a traditional 3d printing technology on ceramic powder heating, it will cause a lot of microscopic defects, pottery was full of cracks or become extremely fragile.To resolve this problem, laboratory researchers developed a name as ” Pioneer of in vitro ceramic polymer ” material, after heating it can be converted to ceramics.Recent technicians use of the materials printed out a pottery, and fired in the kiln was successful.446

Now, 3d printing most popular technology called stereo lithography printing industry, it can be cured by laser liquid polymer, tested, pioneer of in vitro ceramic polymer can also use this technology.In addition, the team said use of the technologies they build the pottery of the speed can be 100 to 1000 times  faster than traditional methods.445

The technological breakthrough may significantly increase the speed of development of the aerospace industry, mostly because of orbital rocket production materials of ceramics. Allegedly, HRL laboratories building ceramics strength is 10 times than traditonal pottery.The United States Department of Defense Advanced Projects research agency has signed a development contract with the team, cauterization of the future which will build a new ceramic drogue, as the Spaceship returns the insulation.